Lots of Interesting Facts about Bermuda You Should Know

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Here are some interesting facts about Bermuda you should know:

  1. Bermuda is a British Overseas territory located along the North Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Bermuda comprises about 181 islands, cays, and islets. The largest among these islands is known as the Main Island.
  3. Bermuda is a self-governing region with its own cabinet of selected ministers, its own constitution that enact local laws.
  4. Bermuda ranks at the top with the highest GDP per capita income.
  5. The word Bermuda has been derived after the name of a Spanish sailor- Juan de Bermudez who discovered the island around 1505.
  6. Bermuda’s eight larger islands are largely connected by bridges, Town Hill is the tallest peak on Main Island.
  7. It is home to the Bermuda Triangle –a region of the sea where a number of aircraft and surface vessels have mysteriously disappeared and the reason remains largely unexplained, unknown till today.
  8. Bermuda experiences a tropical rainforest climate where the nearby Gulf experiences warmer temperatures.
  9. Bermuda practices an interesting mix of culture with its roots from the Spanish Caribbean, English, Native American, Irish and Scots culture from the 17th century. There is a strong influence of the Afro Caribbean and the British culture.
  10. Christianity is the largest religion in Bermuda and the rest of the population follows Muslims.
  11. Some of the most popular attractions in Bermuda include Horseshoe Bay, Tobacco Bay, Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, National Museum of Bermuda, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, Elbow Beach, Front Street, etc.

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Explore the Most Stunning Parks in the City of Arkansas with Southwest Airlines

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Arkansas is popularly known for its mighty mountains and immense variety in terms of rivers, caves, and parklands. The city of Arkansas is known for its mesmerizing beauty and endless breathtaking views. This blog is a compilation of beautiful parks in the city of Arkansas.

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Following is the list of gorgeous parks that one can visit in the city of Arkansas:

Mount Magazine State Park

When you make a visit to Mount Magazine State Park, you get the view of the river valley at a height of 2,753 feet which is extremely picturesque. Here the visitors can do plenty of activities like biking, horseback riding and gliding and so on. For people, it is a perfect getaway.

Devil’s Den State Park

This type of park is known for adventurous activities in form of hiking, biking and you can also get a gorgeous view of the waterfalls. The park houses the most stunning forest in the world.  Tourists who visit can get a view of a spectacular variety of wildlife.

Lake Charles State Park

For complete rejuvenation, one must visit this quiet park on the foothills of the Ozark mountains. It is a perfect place for various activities like swimming, hiking as well as one can enjoy a picnic. The moment you get into the park you will make long-lasting memories.

Hot Springs National Park

If you want to enjoy a natural spa vacation then you must visit the Hot Springs, National Park. The hot springs will give you a healing and comforting experience. Here you can get the feel of a modern spa.

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