Out of the World Experience in the City of Sacramento

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A visit to the city of Sacramento comes first to the mind of the people when they think of the prestigious history of the place. Further, the city is also known for its culture. This blog is about a strange experience that one can feel in the city of Sacramento.

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Following is the list of strange things that you can experience in Sacramento:

Experience an underground tour

During the era of the gold rush, Sacramento became an ideal place for settlement. The only problem was that the city faced the issue of flooding so in order to manage that, the street level was increased because of which in today’s time the first floor of the city is situated below old Sacramento. Here one can experience various streets and spaces which has never been seen before.

A visit to dragon house

It was the brainchild of Carolyn Belmore who created this in the year 1985. It is one of the most interesting places that is located in Sacramento. It comprises of murals that give the impression of a fantasy world. The dragon house is a part of a private home.

Get the feel of a Zombie walk

A tradition was started in 2001, where trash film orgy and crest theatre brought back the feel of zombie. A zombie walk is organized annually where people can enjoy food vendors and participate in various contests.

Dyer Lane

In order to get the feel of horror one must visit Dyer lane. The streets are spooky and are known for various legends. Here people have made the claim of seeing ghosts and shadows.

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